Agenda: 1 & 2 June 2021


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  Day One:  Tuesday  1st June 2021

09h00- 09h15

Welcome and Introduction to “Technology for dummies” 

     Bernard Swanepoel

09h15- 09h35

Session One
Opening keynote address
Government initiatives to ignite the exploration and junior mining sector in South Africa

     Adv. Thabo Mokoena, Director General, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy 


Let’s fix the admin before fixing the policy: what low-cost, practical steps can South Africa take to get its junior mining and exploration sector back on track?

     Paul Miller, Director, AmaranthCX

followed by a panel discussion:



What does South Africa still need to do to become a world class exploration and junior mining destination?
How does South Africa rate as a mining destination compared with other African countries and the rest of the world?

What more can be done to make South Africa a more attractive destination for junior miners?
Is the SA government now able to provide regulatory certainty? How can legislation relating to junior mining and exploration be simplified?
How do we improve access to primary exploration data? When will a national cadastre be available?
What impact would a transparent prospecting rights system with publicly available information have on the junior mining sector?
What opportunities are there for juniors to collaborate/form partnerships with other miners and/or local stakeholders?

     Chair: Otsile Matlou, COO, ENSafrica

     Errol Smart, Managing Director & CEO, Orion Minerals
     Paul Miller, Director, AmaranthCX
     Adv. Thabo Mokoena, Director General, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy
     Mosa Mabuza, CEO, Council for Geoscience 

10h35- 10h50 Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel

10h50-11h05 (COMFORT BREAK) 

11h05-11h10 Session introduction by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Two
The economic outlook and current environment for junior mining and exploration globally and in South Africa

How disruptive has Covid-19 been to the exploration and junior mining sector?

Which countries/regions/segments have proven to be most resilient?
What will the global economy and global demand look like in the year ahead?
Can juniors take advantage of any current upturn in the commodities cycle?
How can we accelerate an “exploration boom”?

     Roger Baxter, Chief Executive, Minerals Council South Africa

11h30-11h40 Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Three
Lessons from junior miners (South Africa)
This discussion will focus on junior miners in South Africa who have successfully managed to overcome legal, financial and operational challenges.  They will explain how they did it and offer advice for aspiring miners. 

     Chair: Andries Rossouw, Director/Partner, PwC  

     Andries Van Heerden, CEO, Afrimat
     Mark Summers, CEO, Kropz                                       
     Lili Nupen, Director, NSDV


Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Four
Lessons from junior miners (Rest of Africa)
This session will focus on junior miners operating in the rest of Africa. They will explain why they chose their project(s), how they dealt with any regulatory, business and financial hurdles and how they have found operating in their particular jurisdiction.

     Boris Kamstra, Director, Pangea
     Morne du Plessis, CEO, Minergy
     William (Bill) Witham, CEO, Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group

13h05-13h20 Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel




Session introduction by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Five
Lessons from the Legends!
Hear some of the unique experiences and top tips for success from some of the renowned legends in the business!

13h55-14h15 Nolitha Fakude, Chairperson, Management Board, Anglo American in South Africa


Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel


Legend 2


Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel





Session Introduction by Bernard Swanepoel



Session Six
How can juniors gain access to funding? The investors’ perspective

     Caroline Donally, Managing Partner, Sprott Private Resource Streaming and Royalty (USA)


Followed by a panel discussion:

Where are investors’ $$$$ going?
How do local and international investors view South Africa as a destination for junior miners?  Do the risks and challenges still largely outweigh the opportunities?
How does South Africa compare with other African countries? What are investors looking for?
What, if anything, has changed post Covid-19?
What support and assistance do juniors need to gain access to funding?

     Caroline Donally, Managing Partner, Sprott Private Resource Streaming and Royalty (USA)
     Mametja Moshe, Founder and CEO, Moshe Capital
     David Twist, Partner, AMED Funds (UK)

16h15-16h30 Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Seven

Hear some of the prevailing industry myths being argued (for and against) by respected industry figures, both insightful and controversial:



 Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day One

  Day Two:  Wednesday 2nd June 2021

08h45-09h00 Welcome and Introduction 

     Bernard Swanepoel


Session One
Commodities outlook: what’s hot and what’s not?
How have commodity prices responded to the pandemic? Which commodities have fared best and why?
How is demand recovering in the different regions and what impact is this having on prices?
Outlook for commodities in 2021 and beyond: is the recovery in prices short-lived or the start of a long bull market? 

     Clare Hanna, Senior Analyst, Cru Group

Followed by a panel discussion: 


The outlook for strategic metals and the shift towards the hydrogen economy in the wake of the pandemic
Which metals are in demand and which applications – BEVs, energy storage, renewable energy? How has Covid-19 influenced this demand?

What is the potential impact of the hydrogen economy on demand for these metals?When is this demand likely to materialize?
To what extent are juniors best placed to take advantage of these changing trends?
Are juniors ready for an anticipated surge in demand?

     Fortune Mojapelo, CEO, Bushveld Minerals
     Tim George, CEO, Pensana Plc.
     Anton Mauve, CEO, Consolidated Nickel Mines
     R. Michael Jones, CEO, Platinum Group Metals

09h50-10h05 Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel

10h05-10h20 (COMFORT BREAK)

10h20-10h25 Session Introduction by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Two
Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities 

10h25-10h40 Etango-8 Uranium Project: Scalable, advanced leverage to imminent uranium deficit

     Brandon Munro,
CEO, Bannerman Resources

10h45-11h00 Kanga Potash: A market disruptive potash (MOP) development project

     Luke Knight, Director, Amed Funds


Alphamin: a pure tin play….with robust margins and blue-sky potential

     Maritz Smith, CEO, Alphamin Resources


Lucara Diamond Corp. – Making Diamond History

     Naseem Lahri, Managing Director, Lucara Botswana

11h45-12h00 Major Facts and Fiction!


Session Three
The global energy transition and its implications for junior coal producers

What are the implications of the global shift to greener forms of energy on the future of coal production? 
Does coal have a long-term future in Southern Africa’s energy market?
How can junior coal producers continue to operate while meeting ESG requirements?
What progress is being made towards the development of clean coal technologies?

     Mpumelelo Mkhabela, Chairman, Menar
     Matthews Bagopi, General Manager, Acting, Morupule Coal Mine


Audience Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel




Session Introduction by Bernard Swanepoel



Session Four
Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities 


Hunting high-grade gold deposits in Côte d’Ivoire

     Peter Ledwidge, Managing Director, Mako Gold Mining Limited

13h40-13h55 Cora Gold: Delivering the Sanankoro Gold Project 

     Bert Monro, CEO & Director, Cora Gold  

14h00-14h15 Caledonia Mining: a company in ascendance, increasing dividend, gold production and asset portfolio

     Steve Curtis,
CEO, Caledonia Mining 


Segilola gold project – delivering Nigeria’s first commercial gold mine

     Segun Lawson, CEO, Thor Explorations


Major Facts and Fiction!

14h55-15h10 (COMFORT BREAK)

15h10-15h15 Session Introduction by Bernard Swanepoel


Session Five
Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities


Platinum 1: The PGMs project that changes the game for everyone!

     Sean Meadon,
COO, Platinum 1

15h35-15h50 Unlocking a globally significant vanadium project for a new era

     Eugene Nel, CEO, Vanadium Resources


Khoemacau Mine: From first discovery to a world-class, fast tracked, safe and reliable copper/silver producer in less than 9 years

     Johan Ferreira, CEO, Khoemacau Copper Mining 

16h15-16h30 Major Facts and Fiction! 

     Peter Major, Director: Mining, Mergence Corporate Solutions

16h30- 16h35 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and end of conference 


This programme is subject to change and Resources for Africa reserves the right to alter the speakers, timing and/or content.