Agenda: 4 & 5 June 2019


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4th & 5th June 2019
The Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park


Day One:  Tuesday 4th June




Chairman’s Welcome

Bernard Swanepoel



Ministerial Keynote Address

Reviving the Junior sector 















Session One:

What are the implications of Mining Charter III (MCIII) and SA’s mining policy for the junior mining sector?

  • What is the definition of a junior mining company as per MCIII? 
  • Has the waiver of BEE requirements for prospecting rights in SA impacted the number of applications?  How are the regional DMR offices implementing this change in policy?
  • Besides the BEE waiver for prospecting rights, how does the Charter assist the junior mining sector? 
  • What more needs to be done in terms of mining policy and legislation to assist junior miners? Is the 30% BEE requirement for mining companies acceptable or realistic for juniors? Does this impact their ability to raise funds?
  • What are the implications of the Xolobeni ruling and the role of communities in deciding the granting of prospecting/mining rights for junior mining?


Roger Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Minerals Council South Africa

Peter Leon, Partner, Herbert Smith & Freehills

Thabile Makgala, Chairperson, Women in Mining SA (WiMSA); Group Executive, Mining Engineering, Impala Platinum


Morning refreshments


Session Two:

Botswana: a role model for junior mining

Charles Siwawa
, CEO, Botswana Chamber of Mines 


Followed by a panel discussion:

Achieving a thriving exploration and junior mining sector

  • What is the current state of play?
  • What does a world-class, thriving junior mining and exploration sector look like?
  • Number of prospecting right applications?  Current conversion rate from prospecting to mining rights? How can we close the gap between exploration and mining?
  • What happens to the prospecting rights that are not being converted? Is the ‘use it or lose it’ principle being applied?
  • How do we improve access to primary exploration data?
  • Can the recent investment of R20 billion over 10 years in the Council for Geoscience galvanize exploration in SA? 
  • Botswana, Namibia, Canada, Australia?  How has mapping positively impacted exploration investment in these countries?


Michal Kotze, Head of Mining, PwC


Errol Smart, Managing Director & CEO, Orion Minerals

William (Bill) Witham, CEO, Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group

Mosa Mabuza, CEO, Council for Geoscience

Charles Siwawa, CEO, Botswana Chamber of Mines

Dr Gargi Mishra, Industry Innovation Senior Principal – Mining, Accenture




























Session Three:

Where are the current opportunities in SA and the SADC region for junior coal miners?

What is the contribution of juniors to the SADC coal mining industry and how are they dealing with the current market challenges?

  • What percentage are junior coal miners contributing to the total output of coal in the SADC region?
  • What markets are they serving and what is the outlook for demand in the short and longer-term?
  • What are the latest developments in terms of signing agreements with Eskom?  Has the situation improved?
  • What other opportunities exist within the SADC region given the huge power deficit?
  • Who is investing in junior coal projects and how might this change as environmental protections become stricter and interest in renewable energy sources increases?
  • What other challenges do junior coal miners face and how are they addressing them?


Xavier Marcel Prévost, Senior Coal Analyst, XMP Consulting


Andre Boje, CEO, Minergy

Jacques Badenhorst, CEO, Maatla Resources


Lunch and Networking










Session Four:

What does it take to turn around an abandoned mine or resuscitate a non-operational junior mining project?

This session will focus on resuscitated projects which were previously closed or abandoned and now turned around, operating successfully and generating revenues.  


Lily Mine: Fred Arendse, CEO, Siyakhula Sonke Empowerment Corp (SSC Group)

Mooiplats: Louis Loubser, CEO, Mooiplats Collier














Session Five:

Lessons from the Legends!

Hear some of the unique experiences and top tips for success from some of the renowned legends in the business!

Legend 1: Prof. Mike de Wit, Consulting Geologist, Majimba Consulting (former Exploration Manager Africa, De Beers)

Legend 2: Alan Smith, CEO, Blvoor Gold

Afternoon Refreshments

Legend 3

Legend 4


Session Six:


Hear some of the prevailing industry myths being argued (for and against) by respected industry figures, both insightful and controversial:

i) The Xolobeni ruling means the beginning of the end of mining in South Africa!

Hulme Scholes, Director, Malan Scholes Inc.

ii) Mining Charter III is a ‘set up’ between the large mining companies and the Government!


iii) Illegal mining is the only profitable mining sector in SA!


iv) The R20 billion investment in the CGS will turn the junior mining sector around!


v.) Coal is dead



“Tjop en dop” – a typical South African braai, drinks and networking 



End of Day One



Day Two:  Wednesday 5th June




Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Bernard Swanepoel


Session One:

What is the current outlook for commodities and how does this affect SA?


  • Which commodities are currently the flavour of the month?
  • What macroeconomic developments are currently impacting commodity prices?
  • Where does SA sit in relation to the global commodities market? How exposed is the local economy to fluctuating commodity prices?
  • How are our exports affected?


Followed by a panel discussion on strategic metals: Where is demand coming from and what are the implications for juniors?


  • Which metals are currently most in demand and which will be needed for the future?
  • What are the market/supply chain trends driving this demand?
  • Battery metals: which metals are going to be used in batteries in the future – is it just about lithium-ion?
  • How can junior mining companies benefit from these trends?
  • Can junior miners keep up with the increasing demand for battery and other strategic metals?
  • How can juniors match their strategic metals projects with the right resources and financing?


Gerick Mouton, Vice President & Executive Head: Capital Projects, Ivanhoe Mines

















Session Two

Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities 

Alphamin Resources

Boris Kamstra, CEO, Alphamin Resources

Lemur Holdings

Prince Nyati, CEO, Lemur Holdings

Major Facts and Fiction!

Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions

Morning Refreshments

White Rivers Exploration

Refilwe Monageng, Executive Director, White Rivers Exploration

Pan African Resources

Cobus Loots, CEO, Pan African Resources

Walkabout Resources

Allan Mulligan, Executive Director, Walkabout Resources 

Major Facts and Fiction!

Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions

















Session Three

What are the latest developments in terms of access to finance for juniors?

  • How has the situation changed in terms of juniors gaining access to funding?
  • What alternative funding options are available when access to traditional financing is not?
  • Which juniors have been successful in obtaining funding and how?
  • How can juniors better present their projects to investors and funders?
  • SA’s retail investor market: how can this work for the junior sector?   
  • What is required to have dynamic public capital markets to increase access to funds?
  • What are the latest developments regarding the IDC exploration fund for juniors?


James Campbell, Managing Director, Botswana Diamonds


Dr Mike Seeger, Director, MX Mining Capital Advisors

Kevin Hodges, Industry Development Champion, Basic Metals & Mining, IDC

Olebogeng Sentsho, CEO, Simba Mgodi Fund

Sascha Keen, Director, Noah’s Rule


Lunch and Networking











Session Four:

Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities

Building a sub-Saharan African phosphate business

Ian Harebottle, CEO, Kropz 

Maxima Silica

Bruce Stride, Managing Director, Maxima Silica


Zanaga Iron Ore

Andrew Trahar, Corporate Development and Investor Relations Manager, Zanaga Iron Ore

Mining company 10

Mining company 11

Major Facts and Fiction!

Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions


Lunch and Networking












Session Five:

Successful operating models for juniors: what works and what doesn’t? 

  • What business models are juniors typically adopting? What are the pros and cons of using contract miners?
  • What operational challenges are juniors facing – skills shortages, liaising with the DMR, obtaining permits, etc.?
  • How do juniors deal with organised labour?
  • How can juniors improve their operational processes when their funds are limited? 
  • What ESG issues are most problematic for juniors?  Which partners can they work with to give them an advantage in terms of governance, environmental compliance and social impact?
  • How can juniors take advantage of digitization in mining?  Can they afford it?


Cecilia Jofre, Director, Isometrix

Sifiso Nkosi, Executive Chairperson, Ntuthuko Exploration & Mining

Alistair Hodgkinson, Executive Vice President – Projects, Mechanical, DRA Global




 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

 End of Conference








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