Agenda: 5 & 6 June 2018


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5th & 6th June 2018
The Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park


Day One:  Tuesday 5th June




Chairman’s Welcome

Bernard Swanepoel



Opening Keynote Address

South Africa under new leadership: Is this the change the mining industry has been waiting for?  What is the vision for the junior mining sector?  What will be different now?

Followed by Q&A led by Bernard Swanepoel


















Session One:

A new dawn? How are recent political and regulatory changes in various African countries affecting junior miners?

What are African countries currently doing to create a mining environment that is conducive to investment and exploration?

Who is currently investing in geological endowment R&D and exploration?

Are countries really “open for business”?  What does this mean?

What are the implications for existing and prospective projects, particularly in the following countries?

  • South Africa

  • Zimbabwe

  • DRC

  • Tanzania

Chair: Dion Shango, South Africa CEO, PwC

Sacha Backes, Senior Investment Officer, Mining Investment Division, International Finance Corporation / World Bank Group

Mike Teke, CEO, Seriti Resources

Otsile Matlou, Chief Operating Officer, ENSafrica
Roger Baxter, CEO, Chamber of Mines


Morning refreshments

Lessons from the Legends

A conversation with Sipho Nkosi, Non-Executive Chairman, Talent 10


Session Two:

How can the SA Government stimulate investment and provide support for the junior mining sector?  What actions need to be taken to revive the sector?

What can the SA Government do in terms of regulatory and tax regimes to support juniors and majors who have an exploration arm?

What tax incentives, e.g. direct grants, flow through shares, could be introduced to encourage junior miners to set up? 

What impact would a transparent prospecting rights system with publicly available information have on the junior mining sector?

What are the quick wins - the immediate, practical steps - that the SA Government can take to get exploration in SA happening again and attract FDI?

What can be gleaned from other African mining jurisdictions who have got it right?

Chair: John Bristow, Director, Global Diamond Network

Patrycja Kula-Verster, Business Development Manager,JSE

Bill McKechnie, General Manager, Snowden Mining Industry Consultants

Allan E Saad, Consulting Geologist
Daniel Moagi, Independent Consultant

Dalubuhle Ncube, Executive Chairman, Letaba Elihle Investments















Session Three:

Where are the best opportunities for junior miners?

Where should junior miners be looking for opportunities, investment and incentives?

Which country?

Which commodity?

Is it still coal? (for now)?

Chair: Matt Mullins, Director,Tecoma Strategies

James Campbell, Managing Director, Botswana Diamonds

Sifiso Nkosi, Executive Chairperson, Ntuthuko Exploration & Mining

Jacques Badenhorst, CEO, Maatla Energy / Resources

Paul Ranamane, Group Executive Chairman, Opal Mining


Lunch and Networking










Session Four:

Lessons from the Legends!

Hear some of the unique experiences and top tips for success from some of the renowned legends in the business!

14h00   Legend 1:  Johannesburg - the world's richest future mining district!:  Anton Esterhuizen, Principal, PanEx Resources


14h20    Legend 2: Allan E Saad, Consulting Geologist

14h40    Legend 3: Grant Ramuath, Senior Partner, St. James's Place Wealth Management Group

 Afternoon refreshments














Session Five:

What is the current investor appetite for funding junior mining projects?

How do investors perceive the recent political and regulatory changes in different African mining jurisdictions – SA, Zimbabwe, DRC and Tanzania?

What is driving investment now in seemingly ‘risky’ African countries? Has this changed?  What type of risks are investors now prepared to take?

What funding options are available for exploration and feasibility studies?

What is the role of the section 12J funds in providing capital for junior miners?

Chair: Keith Scott, Chairman, The MSA Group & CEO, Fraser Alexander

Dr Mike Seeger, Director, MX Mining Capital Advisors

Stuart Ausmeier, Director, Concentrate Capital Partners

William Black, Director, BSM Black


Session Six:


Hear some of the prevailing industry myths being argued (for and against) by respected industry figures, both insightful and controversial:

 i. The SA junior mining sector is easy to fix!

         Paul Miller
, Managing Director, CCP 12J Fund Limited

ii. Lithium ion has won the energy storage/battery war!

          Mikhail Nikomarov
, Head & Co-founder, Bushveld Energy

iii. The JSE is not fit for purpose as a mining listing country stock exchange!

          Errol Smart, Managing Director & CEO, Orion Minerals

iv. Funding for African greenfield projects can only be sourced offshore!

          Jan Nelson, CEO, Handa Copper

v. China is the saviour of African junior mining!

          Ursula van Eck, Group CFO, Village Main Reef Group

vi. Mining Charter III will set the junior miners free!

          Bernard Swanepoel



“Tjop en dop” – a typical South African braai, drinks and networking



End of Day One



Day Two:  Wednesday 6th June




Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Bernard Swanepoel


Session One:

The outlook for commodities and the impact on the junior mining industry

What’s hot and what’s not: which commodities are performing better and why?

Are we really entering another commodities boom? 

What are the wider issues around commodity pricing including the influence of China and the US?

The future world:  what is the biggest need globally in terms of commodities both now and in the future? 

What are the implications of rising commodity prices for the junior mining sector?

Aleksander Popovic, Senior Consultant, Cru Group

Followed by Q&A


Session Two:

Battery Metals: the flavour of the month?

Forecasting global usage of battery metals: what are the implications for junior mining in Africa?

Which metals will be needed in the future for batteries and energy storage and why?

  • Lithium/Lithium-ion, Cobalt, Copper, Graphite, Nickel, Uranium, Vanadium, Rare earths

What can junior mining companies do to benefit from the expected growth in demand in battery metals in the next 5-10 years?

Where are investments going in Africa and what are the influencing factors?  Which battery metals?  Which countries?

What is China’s investment in and demand for battery metals?

What is the long-term outlook for African battery metals?

Chair: Sandra du Toit, Executive, Investment Banking Client Solutions, Standard Bank

Paul Ranamane, Group Executive Chairman, Opal Mining

Aleksander Popovic, Senior Consultant, Cru Group

Tony Harwood, President & CEO, Montero

Fortune Mojapelo, CEO, Bushveld Minerals
Bertie Strydom, Senior Project Development Manager, New Industries, IDC













 Session Three:

 Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities


10h00 Gerick Mouton, Vice President & Executive Head: Capital Projects, Ivanplats


10h15 Walter Shamu, COO, Orion Minerals


10h30 Fortune Mojapelo, CEO, Bushveld Minerals

 Major Facts and Fiction!

 Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions


Morning Refreshments











Session Four:

Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities

11h30 Anthony Viljoen, CEO, AfriTin Mining

11h45 Pravin Chetty, GM: Mining, Puckree Group

12h00 Jan Nelson, CEO, Handa Mining Corporation

Major Facts and Fiction!

Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions



Lunch and Networking















Session Five:

Showcasing junior mining companies, projects and investment opportunities

13h30 Mashale Phumaphi, Managing Director, Shumba Energy

13h45 Nick Brodie, CEO, Galane Gold

14h00 Vuslat Bayoglu, Managing Director, Zululand Anthracite Colliery

Kore Potash - Unique opportunity

Sean Bennett, CEO, Kore Potash


14h30 Louis Coetzee, CEO, Kibo Mining

Major Facts and Fiction!
Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions



Afternoon Refreshments



15h30 Lance Hooper, President and COO, Cobalt Blockchain

Transforming copper minerals resources in the Northern Cape through adopting new innovative approach to mining

Shirley Hayes
, CEO, Shirley Hayes IPK (SHiP)


16h00 Mogale Mafalo, Managing Director, Ledima Mining & Resources


Major Facts and Fiction!

Peter Major, Director: Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions


Session Six:

Creating a recipe for future success: minimizing risks and improving the probability of a profitable junior mining project

How can you adopt an entirely new approach to mining projects that leverages new information and technologies to mitigate risk and maximize value?

How can you integrate IT and data management into mine and process design to increase the probability of project success?

How do you make your project more attractive at all stages and achieve value for your stakeholders? What does success look like at each stage?

What are the financial drivers of early stage projects? When is your project a ‘go’?

Ensuring a concentrate that can generate value

Chair: To be confirmed

Yathin Soni, MD: North Star Consulting (former Head of Mining, BNP Paribas SA)

Alistair Hodgkinson, Senior Vice President, Africa,DRA
Cecilia Jofre, Sales Director, Isometrix
Nomfundo Metula, GM for Sales & Marketing, RMA (Rand Mutual)

 17h10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks



End of Conference





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